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Join an organisation that is committed to developing its people – saving lives in the process. Adam Foulkes, Organisational Development Consultant, shares his story.

There is no better feeling to know that you are contributing (even in a small way) to enhancing other people’s lives.
Adam Foulkes

Organisational Development Consultant

Adam's story

I started working for NHS Blood and Transplant in 1996 (or National Blood Service as it was known then). I’d never really considered working for NHSBT but an advert came up in the local newspaper advertising for people to collect blood from willing volunteers. I am quite a sociable person and like helping others – so the job sounded ideal. I also love to travel, so the idea of going to a different venue each day really appealed to me. Since then I’ve worked in a variety of roles within the organisation, which has really helped me to develop as a person and progress into my role today.

I currently work within the Workforce Team as an Organisational Development Consultant. I help managers, supervisors and teams to work together better to achieve their department’s objectives. People can be so complex and it is part of my role to get people to look at themselves, consider what they are good at and what they might need to do in order to become even better.

I have had many roles at NHS Blood and Transplant which have really helped me to develop as a person; the variety has been very motivational.

NHSBT is an organisation that seeks to recognise its people’s talent and will help you to develop into your career. The amount of development offered within NHSBT is very generous compared to other NHS trusts. That development could see you realising the job of your dreams… you just have to want it to happen.

My role is so rewarding, feeling that you have been part of helping others on their personal development journeys.