Care for a change?

After moving from centre stage to saving lives, Jayne Globe, Blood Donation Healthcare Assistant, tells her story.

With NHSBT you learn new skills that you do not learn elsewhere.
Jayne Globe

Blood Donation Healthcare Assistant

Jayne's story

I’ve worked at NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) for nearly 14 years. Before that I was Stage Manager for a local Council. I was looking for something different.

One of the nurses at the session at which I was donating was the aunt of one of our stage crew so I asked her about the roles. All my family have always worked in public service, so that something different was going to be in the public sector.

Healthcare Assistants in Blood Donation collect blood from volunteer donors. We also recruit bone marrow and platelet donors.

I have also been seconded to Supervisor and Session Manager. The role has helped me develop really good communication skills, and the ability to get along with most people, because you have to, in quite challenging circumstances.

I like working with the donors. I like hearing their stories.

I’ve had the chance to learn practical skills you don’t learn elsewhere, such as venepuncture. I have been given lots of learning opportunities since I have been here.

I got an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 6 which was partly funded. I have also become an NVQ Assessor, plus I have completed work-based and British Sign Language NVQs. There have never been any barriers. I have asked and it has been facilitated.

I have been given lots of learning opportunities since I have been here.