Earn while you learn

Get the edge with an apprenticeship that is overflowing with opportunities. Apprentice Clerical Assistant, Katie Leadbetter has never looked back.

Training on the job is really useful, it’s given me lots of options on what I could do next.
Katie Leadbetter

Apprentice Clerical Assistant

Katie's story

I joined an NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) apprenticeship in the Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) department in September 2015 after finishing my A-levels. I chose NHSBT because it was something different. I didn’t know a lot about it but I was keen to find out more. It was a good decision. Training on the job is really useful. NHSBT is a great organisation to get into. There are so many career opportunities and it’s given me lots of options on what I could do next.

I’ve even been offered a full time position when I finish. It’s a big culture shock going from school to work but this apprenticeship has helped me become more independent, confident and organised.
Katie Leadbetter, Apprentice Clerical Assistant
Katie Leadbetter, Apprentice Clerical Assistant

SHOT analyses adverse reactions in blood transfusions and makes recommendations to improve patient safety. At the moment we are preparing for the annual SHOT symposium and there’s lots to do. There will be about 300 attendees and my department is in charge of registering people and making sure everything is ready.

It’s been hard work and quite full on but I’m happy to have helped the organisation with such a big event. It’s a nice feeling. I love meeting new people and helping them. On the day of the symposium, I’ll be making sure everything is going smoothly. The event is at the Lowry in Manchester and it’s an amazing venue.

I’m really proud of how much responsibility they’ve given me.