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Help save and improve lives with your technological and digital expertise

Are you ready to do something meaningful with your career?

Technology supports every aspect of our work. From matching donations with recipients, to maintaining open channels of communication between all areas of the business. It underpins everything that we do – and everything that we hope to do in the future. 

We need to transform the way in which we deliver technology services – and in the process, our IT teams will play a key role in genuinely meaningful work. BHenry2.jpeg
Brian Henry

Interim Technology Director

Be part of something life-changing

At NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), everything we do begins and ends with people. From the donors who have provided us with valuable donations of blood, platelets, organs and tissue, to the recipients whose lives are saved or enhanced, our work is vitally important to the nation. Our medical staff stand at the centre of this important mission, but our information and technology team provide the glue that brings this all together. Their hard work and innovation are vital to the organisation’s mission and you could join us.

Our IT teams are central to what we do. Whether they are designing and maintaining databases that hold confidential medical histories, diagnostic test results and organ matches, or creating apps and streamlining processes enabling our clinicians to be even more productive. Our work is important to desperately ill children and adults every single hour of every single day.

The future holds a world of possibilities 

We are now at an exciting stage in rethinking our technology strategy and setting our long-term objectives. There is a lot of demand for change within the organisation, but we want the solutions we deliver to be sustainable. There will be plenty of unique opportunities, which you could be directly involved in.

We’re not rushing to the finish-line with quick-fixes – instead, we’re using this moment in time to get to grips with the current and future needs of the organisation. It is a big change agenda, but we are excited about what this will ultimately mean for the UK’s donors and patients.

Over the next couple of years, we will have a significant investment in new infrastructure and local networks. We are also delivering core applications in several areas. One key example is the ODT Hub which looks at ‘revised matching’ for any organs that haven’t been placed during the initial scan of our waiting lists. We are also delivering a new solution for blood donation teams, while an enhanced range of employee tools such as Office 365 are being delivered to our frontline staff across many UK sites. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll get to take on fulfilling projects, and in the process, you will be exposed to a wealth of interesting challenges with plenty of scope to develop your skills and your career.

One thing is for certain – whatever the future holds for NHSBT, we want to be there with great service and solutions to support our frontline colleagues.

So, the only question that remains is this – are you ready to support us in this vital mission to save and improve lives, and build your career in the process?