Help save and improve lives with your digital, data and technology expertise

Are you ready to experience what tech for good is really like?

Digital, Data and Technology powers every aspect of our work. From building and maintaining a large and loyal donor base to matching organ donations with recipients, to enabling the blood manufacturing process and  ultimately supporting a high performing operational organisation. It underpins everything that we do now and in the future.

Working in health technology is incredibly rewarding. As a member of the Digital, Data and Technology Services team you will have the opportunity to contribute to building and delivering national level solutions that reduce health inequalities and save and improve lives. We work hard to create an inclusive working environment and welcome new ideas to improve our work and impact.
Wendy Clark

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Be part of something life-changing

At NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), everything we do begins and ends with people. From the donors who have provided us with valuable donations of blood, platelets, organs and tissue, to the recipients whose lives are saved or enhanced, our work is vitally important to the nation. Our medical staff stand at the centre of this important mission, but our information and technology team provide the glue that brings this all together. Their hard work and innovation are vital to the organisation’s mission and you could join us.

Our Digital, Data and Technology teams are central to what we do. Whether they are designing and delivering solutions to hold confidential medical histories, diagnostic test results and organ matches, or creating a digital experience that allows donors to register, book and manage appointments, or providing and supporting the underlying infrastructure that powers everything we do. Our work is important to desperately ill children and adults every single hour of every single day.

Staff working at computers
Member of staff typing on a keyboard

The future holds a world of possibilities 

We are investing significantly in digital, data and technology now and in the future. There is a lot of demand for change and we need to deliver new capabilties at pace that are sustainable and can be continuously supported and improved. It’s a big and exciting change agenda that will deliver positive impact for the UKs donors and patients.

Change is touching all areas of the technology stack from datacentres to digital solutions for donors and everything in between. We are designing services jointly with our colleagues across the business, championing user-centric design and architecting open systems that will deliver agility. We work with a wide range of partners in multi-disciplinary teams and have already proved that we can deliver high quality solutions at pace.

We are evolving the way we are organised and the methods that we use to make us even more impactful. We lead with cloud first and agile but there are some exceptions. We welcome new talent and are always open to new and different ways of doing things.

So, the only question that remains is this – are you ready to support us in this vital mission to save and improve lives, and build your career in the process?