Set the standards that will shape thousands of happy donor experiences

As a Senior Sister / Senior Charge Nurse you will help us achieve our ambitious goals – and save thousands of lives in the process.

It is part of the essential work of the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) nurses that we have such a widely-respected reputation across worldwide health services
Michael Thake

Area Manager - Surrey and West Sussex

We’re full of surprises


A lot of people think they know what our blood donation teams do. The general consensus is that they ‘just’ collect blood donations. But there’s so much more to us than that. It takes precision and incredible clinical skills to collect blood and platelets, and to store them according to stringent guidelines and standards. It also takes masses of compassion to ensure donors keep on donating. 

Every day across the UK, our nurses collect around 5,000 donations of blood – resulting in a yearly total of around two million blood donations. And as a senior sister/charge nurse overseeing the work of one of these teams, you could be part of this vital life-saving and life-enhancing journey.

This is an exciting and varied role. Our team have great career development and training opportunities, plus a degree of flexibility in managing their time. The team you lead will have direct impact on patient care
Sister and donor carer

Right now, we’re looking for Band 6 and 7 nurses who are keen to make a difference. It’s a great opportunity, in which you could lead a multidisciplinary team, maintaining the highest standards. If you choose to join us, then you’ll help your colleagues develop their skills.

Ensuring donors are receiving the amazing and safe experience that they have rightly come to expect, you’ll play an essential role in securing repeat donors. You will utilise your performance management skills to ensure that our teams are motivated and deliver to our key performance indicators.  

Obviously, you’ll get to shape your leadership skills as you grow but we will also support you to enhance both your clinical decision making and management skills. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s all possible with our help.

Rise to the challenge

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