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Improve your career prospects

As well as recruiting apprentices direct NHS Blood and Transplant offers apprenticeship opportunities to existing staff across the organisation.

At NHSBT we’re creating a varied and sustainable workforce – our apprenticeship scheme is a key part of that. laura-unitt.jpg
Laura Unitt

Apprenticeship Manager

Improve your career prospects with an apprenticeship

We believe in nurturing talent, which is why our new apprenticeship scheme is so crucial to our future. 

We’re therefore delighted to be offering a broad spectrum of apprenticeships ranging across a variety of elements of the service. These currently include:
• Business Administration and Medical Business Administration
• Customer Service
• Logistics
• Healthcare Support Services

Why are apprenticeships so important to NHSBT?

We believe in ‘growing’ our own workforce by helping people develop internally, meaning that we have a team who are all committed to the same ideal of saving and improving lives.
On top of that, there’s never been a better time to join our organisation. As the apprenticeship scheme is new, you can be at the forefront of this exciting opportunity.

An NHSBT apprenticeship team stand in front of a blood delivery vanThrough our programmes, we’re improving the long-term career prospects of our apprentices, giving them a head-start on forging a fantastic career.

Apprenticeships are a genuinely great opportunity for absolutely everyone. While we really want to hear from any 16 to 18-year-old school leavers who are at the beginning of their career, we also want to hear from those who are looking for a change in direction and want to do something entirely different, and rewarding, with their lives.

Our 12 month programmes offer all the hands-on experience you’ll need to start your career. You’ll also secure a Knowledge and Competence qualification, plus functional skills such as Maths, English and ICT GCSEs at the end of it – meaning you’ll develop core skills as well as achieving an accredited qualification.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to improve your long-term career prospects.