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R&D blog

With this series of blogs, we will be bringing you an insight into the research that NHS Blood and Transplant are working on to improve patient and donor care.


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Blood, bombs, and bugs; business continuity matters.

Dr Heidi Doughty, Consultant in Transfusion Medicine (NHSBT); Dr Fateha Chowdhury, Consultant Haematologist in Transfusion Medicine (NHSBT & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust); and Tom Cowdrey, Head of Business Continuity at NHSBT.

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Haemovigilance: Q&A with Paula Bolton-Maggs

Paula Bolton-Maggs is an Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, University of Manchester and retired former Medical Director of SHOT.

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Lab grown red blood cells enable new malaria research

Dr Tim Satchwell is a Senior Research Associate working within the Toye Group as part of the NHSBT & University of Bristol NIHR Blood and Transplant Research Unit.


Tranexamic acid to prevent bleeding in adults with blood cancers (TREATT)

TREATT is a trial assessing whether tranexamic acid can reduce bleeding in adults with blood cancers. Dr Lise Estcourt - Consultant Haematologist and Director of NHSBT Clinical Trials Unit explains in more detail.



Platelet transfusion trial to benefit babies in the future

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NHS Blood and Transplant partners with Kortical to deliver innovative project

NHSBT is partnering with Kortical to deliver an innovative planning platform for the management of the complex blood supply chain.


Engineering red blood cells

Mr Joseph Hawksworth is a Research Associate based at the University of Bristol

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Questions, questions and yet more questions

Mr Jonathan Dixey is the Laboratory Manager of the Protein Development and Production Unit (PDPU) which is part of the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL), based at Filton, Bristol.


Delivering red cells at sea

Dr Athina Meli talks about the collaborative project between the Component Development Laboratory and the Ministry of Defence investigating the quality of red cells after aerial deliver to ships at sea.

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No BEACH turns platelets grey by Dr Jose Guerrero

Dr Jose A Guerrero is an NHS Blood and Transplant Research Associate based at University of Cambridge in the Platelet Biology Group. Here he talks about some of his work.