Research governance

Our Research Governance Office supports and coordinates research that aligns with NHS Blood and Transplant's mission to save and improve even more lives.

Research governance ensures that research has appropriate funding, involves adequately trained staff, and is ethically conducted to ensure the safety of patients and research participants.

The team are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)'s research priorities and supporting researchers in their work.

Our role in research governance

We need to ensure that each research project we support follows the The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care, which must be applied to all research projects in the UK. As part of this, we support and coordinate:

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We are often, but not always, the sponsor of research undertaken by NHSBT researchers. 

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We fund small and large scale research projects that align with NHSBT’s operational and business needs. 

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We monitor the progress of NHSBT funded and sponsored projects.

We must ensure they recruit safely and align with NHSBT strategy and research priorities to save and improve even more lives.

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Patient and public involvement and engagement

We ensure patients and the public are embedded in all aspects of the research process at NHSBT, through our Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG).

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