About us

At NHS Blood and Transplant, we deliver a world-leading research programme.

The success of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)'s strategy to achieve long-term improvements in patient outcomes, via the effective application of novel technologies, processes and products, can only be accomplished by having an integrated Research and Development (R&D) programme which supports organisational priorities.

Why our research programme is unique

Within the public, private and academic sectors there are no other organisations capable of delivering an R&D programme that spans our range of products and services.

This is due to the combination of our partnerships with top-class universities, our clearly defined operational objectives and our expertise in translating research into new products, services and clinical guidelines. We work with clinical and operational teams within NHS Blood and Transplant and the wider NHS and Principal Investigators, to improve safety and treatments for patients and donors.

Our R&D programme underpins NHSBT's business strategies and guides international transfusion and transplantation practice.

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