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The role of the Research Governance Office

We are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)'s research programme and supporting researchers in their work.

Governance of research is a key element of our responsibilities, with the team working to ensure implementation of the Research Governance Framework across the research strategy.

We oversee the delivery of world class research

We support NHSBT's Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) in the delivery of their research projects. Acting as the research sponsor for a number of studies and trials, our office has oversight over the diverse portfolio of research that is undertaken.

We develop strong internal relationships

We have strong links across the organisation, in particular with Operations. We make sure that research is undertaken in line with operational strategy and has sign-off from the relevant groups. This not only ensures that any research undertaken can be delivered to time and to target, but also that it fits within the priorities of the different sections of the organisation.

We shape future research

Through a number of yearly funding opportunities, we give researchers the opportunity to apply for both researcher led and commissioned funding calls. NHSBT’s research programme is funded through both internal and external grants. We also collaborate with patient/public partners in order to ensure that research undertaken is in line with patient priorities.

We offer wider strategic assistance

All aspects of administering research are dealt with by us. From contracting, to ensuring that staff have the appropriate permissions to undertake their work, we are able to support researchers throughout the research process.

The Research and Development Committee

The Research and Development Committee is an NHS Blood and Transplant Board committee with specifically delegated powers to provide strategic oversight of an innovative, cohesive high-quality programme of research and development (R&D).

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Research strategies

To ensure close alignment with NHSBT’s mission to save and improve lives the research strategies are embedded within individual operational strategies. Please follow the links below to find out more.

NHSBT Corporate and Operational strategies

Previous R&D Strategy

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