Nearly all research activity requires a contract of some type. There are many different types of contracts or agreements and it is essential that the correct one is in place to ensure that risks to NHSBT are at a minimum.

Arranging support

The Contracts Manager within the NHSBT Research Governance Office is a dedicated resource for all projects within R&D.  The Contracts Manager can assist with transactions or other agreements from the beginning of the project until its conclusion.  Project support consists of negotiation, contract templates, contract review and amendments, and extensions.

Arrange support early

Contract support should be arranged as early in the project as possible. When setting up a project, please inform the Contract Manager at the Research Governance Office email address:

The Contracts Manager will respond at their earliest convenience to arrange for an initial consultation call and talk through the next steps. Completion of a Work Request Form (WRF) will nearly always be necessary.  

Please take the time to complete the form in as much detail as possible, as it will save time for all involved.

Further details on the process  

If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact the Contracts Manager.

Contract templates

The Research Governance Office uses several contract templates. These include the model Non Commercial Agreement (mNCA) and the model Industry Collaborative Research Agreement (mICRA), as well as the template Research Agreement which is particular to NHSBT. 

There is also a template Confidentiality Agreement and Licence, amongst others.  After providing the completed WRF to the Contracts Manager, the Contracts Manager will either provide a draft from a template or will request an agreement from the research partner (the other party to the contract). A review process will then follow.

The Research Governance Office has a process in place that provides assurance to the Director of Finance prior to signature. The Director of Finance is only person within NHSBT that is authorised to sign contracts on behalf of NHSBT (the authorised signatory).  The Contracts Manager will arrange for signature and will confirm this with you.