For researchers

We are dedicated to ensuring that the research undertaken by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is of the highest quality, is relevant to patients and members of the public, and is carried out in line with our core values.

The research that we undertake spans from bench to bedside; from lab-based studies which help us to understand the mechanisms of disease, to clinical trials which involve patients and donors directly through interventions and testing treatments.

Supporting your research

Our Research Governance Office supports researchers in their goal to undertake high quality research. Acting as research sponsor, we provide the necessary support to our Chief Investigators, often with the additional support of the NHSBT Clinical Trials Unit.

If you have an idea for research and are seeking funding, our Research Governance Office may be able to advise on a suitable funding stream. We can also help you to develop your application.

Other areas of support where we can provide guidance include contracting, requests for capital equipment, the NIHR Research Passport scheme, and student applications. Our Research Governance Office also acts as a central point that can link researchers to other key areas of our organisation.

To discuss the support we could offer you, please contact us.

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