Platelet transfusion in neonates

Reference: TF049
Title: Bedside platelet function testing to guide the use of platelet transfusion in neonates
Chief investigator: Dr Cedric Ghevaert


Newborns with severe illnesses - and in particular babies born too early - often suffer from a decrease in their blood platelet count.

Platelets are small, cellular particles that circulate in the blood, whose main role is to ensure blood clotting. When the platelet count is low, there is a risk of bleeding.

In newborns, the bleeds frequently occur in the head and can potentially lead to brain damage or death. Babies with low platelet counts can be treated with platelet transfusions.

This study will determine whether a new test of platelet function can be used in combination with platelet counts to improve decision making with regards to platelet transfusion in babies with low platelet counts.