Questions to ask your supplier

Ensure the safety of your tissue grafts by asking your supplier the following questions:

  1. Does your Tissue Bank use third parties to collect tissue on their behalf or do they employ their own retrieval teams?
  2. Are your products inspected and released by an independent QA department?
  3. Does your Tissue Bank accept consents taken from third parties on you behalf?
  4. Do you process your tissues in a Grade A environment?
  5. Are instruments used in the retrieval process either disposable or sterile at the time of use?
  6. Are your packaging materials/containers validated for use?
  7. Do you use in house accredited testing laboratories for mandatory screening ?
  8. Do you have all tissue independently assessed for bacteriological contamination?
  9. Do you have service level agreements with all your suppliers?
  10. Do you audit your suppliers?
  11. Do you have an in-house independent validation department?
  12. Are all your processes validated?
  13. Are changes to procedures and equipment documented and traceable through a change control process?
  14. Do your staff undertake annual GMP training from external specialists?
  15. Do you perform internal GMP audits on a regular basis?
  16. How can you assure me that the tissue you use for grafts has been obtained from donors with lawful consent?

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