Our tissue bank

The largest tissue bank and first purpose built centre for tissue donation in the UK

Our state of the art tissue bank is a major step forward in the donation of human tissue. Historically, tissues have been obtained from deceased donors in mortuaries. However the donation process can now be carried out in a high grade facility built to the same standards as an operating theatre.


Tissue bank, Speke
The atrium at our tissue bank in Speke

We collect and store tissues such as skin, bone and tendons for hospitals across the UK.

Tissue processing_Speke_Tissue Bank
Processing donated tissue

Donated tissue is transferred directly to clean rooms to be prepared for transplantation or stored pending clinical requirement. While this is taking place, medical teams get further information about the donors from relatives and doctors to ensure the tissue is safe for transplantation.

Scientists working at the site provide support to hospitals throughout the North West of England, including antenatal testing, blood grouping and antibody screening.

Other services based at the site include:

  • The National Frozen Blood Bank, which provides stocks of rare blood for patients from all over the world
  • The preparation of 'artificial tears' for patients with severe dry eye problems, which are prepared from their own blood
  • The centre is also the base for blood collection in the region and issues blood to local hospitals
Processing donated tissue_tissue bank
A scientist at work

How to find us 

Location map for Tissue and Eye Services
Location map for our tissue centre at Speke

Our address is:

NHS Blood and Transplant

Tissue and Eye Services

Estuary Commerce Park

14 Estuary Banks


Liverpool L24 8RB


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