Meet our team

Christine Smith

Head of Business Development and Customer Relations

Kay Thind

Tissue Product Specialist

Kay is the Tissue Product Specialist for the North.

Martin Suggitt

Tissue Product Specialist

Martin comes from a Trauma & Orthopaedic Skills background. He is the Tissue Product Specialist for the North West.

Shaun Venus

Tissue Product Specialist

Shaun joined Tissue and Eye Services in January 2017 and is the Tissue Product Specialist for the Midlands.

Katy Juttla

Tissue Product Specialist

Katy is the Tissue Product Specialist for the South.

Jane Warren

Tissue Product Specialist

Jane is the Tissue Product Specialist for the South West and South Wales.

Helen Gillian

General Manager

Helen Gillan is the General Manager for Tissue Services.

Professor John N Kearney

Head of R&D

John is currently Head of R&D/Lead Scientist/PI for Research.

Dr Paul Rooney

Research and Development Manager

Paul joined the National Blood Service in 2003 and is currently Research and Development Manager for Tissue Services.

Dr Richard Lomas

Senior Clinical Development Scientist

Dr. Akila Chandrasekar

Consultant in Transfusion Medicine

Akila is a Consultant in Transfusion Medicine, and joined the Tissue Services team at Speke in 2005.

Amanda Ranson

Area Tissue Donation Manager

Amanda is the Area Tissue Donation Manager for the South and has worked in Tissue Banking since 1999.

Kyle Bennett

Tissue Bank Manager

Kyle is the Tissue Bank Manager of the Liverpool facility with responsibilities for processing, storage and issue of donor tissue for the North of England.

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