Product and assay development

IBGRL is involved in a range of projects to develop and deliver recombinant proteins (both antibody and antigen) and monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostic use.

We can:

  • provide custom manufacture of reagents
  • generate novel monoclonal antibody specificities using either purified proteins or synthetic peptides to produce conventional mouse hybridomas
  • provide antibody and antigen engineering services using molecular techniques which can have the potential to isolate novel antibody specificities, to rescue and re-express unstable antibodies and to modify antibodies
  • use molecular techniques to produce recombinant proteins expressing antigens of interest in both soluble form and expressed in cells. These soluble recombinant (sr) proteins and proteins expressed in cell lines can be used in cell-free assays – for example, ELISA or Luminex for detection or identification of Ab specificity. They can also be used to inhibit 'nuisance' Abs in patient samples in haemagglutination inhibition assays, using gel cards or tubes.
  • diagnostic cell lines can be used for antibody identification and can circumvent the need for freshly isolated typed donor cells. These techniques can be used to provide analytical tools to support protein or cellular therapies.
  • develop assays for your specific needs – for example, detection of IgA Deficiency and anti-IgA in patient samples. Please enquire via

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