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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – please contact IBGRL before referring samples from suspected/confirmed positive patients.

Sample(s) and request form(s) must be labelled as HIGH RISK and comply with UN3373.

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International Blood Group Reference Laboratory

International Rare Donor Panel

The panel currently contains details of rare donors from 27 contributing countries.

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Red Cell Reference Services

This department deals exclusively in complex and difficult red cell antigen/antibody problems referred by UK and international Blood Transfusion Reference laboratories.

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IBGRL Research Products

Monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins are categorised to help you find product information easily.

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Molecular Diagnostics - Fetal RHD Screen

This test determines the fetal D blood group in D negative pregnant women to guide the requirement for antenatal anti-D prophylaxis.

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Molecular Diagnostics - Fetal genotyping

These tests provide non-invasive prenatal molecular typing support for maternity and transfusion services in the UK and internationally.

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Molecular Diagnostics - Red cell genotyping

The ability to determine blood groups in previously transfused patients, those with immunoglobulin coated cells or Haemoglobinopathy patients is significantly beneficial.

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Licensing and accreditation

Red Cell Reference and Molecular Diagnostics departments are accredited to ISO 15189 by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the clinical services they provide.

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Protein Development and Production Unit Services

We offer various cell culture services and diagnostic development to your specification.

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Customer Surveys

Molecular Diagnostics and Red Cell Reference laboratories conduct surveys with customers of our services. Find out more about data and outcomes.

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Contact the right staff member or laboratory.

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