Protein and assay development and cell culture services

We can produce and develop new and existing cell lines to supply monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. This can be done on either a collaborative or commercial basis.

Our services include:

  • Production of antibodies and protein antigens from mouse, rat, human and insect cell lines
  • Antibody engineering including isotype switching
  • Antibody labelling e.g. FITC, RPE, AP
  • Antibody fragmentation and fragment purification and labelling
  • Protein purification, scale up and QC validation to customer specification including low endotoxin conditions
  • CE marking of derived reagents
  • Development of customer cell lines, including optimisation and stability studies and mycoplasma testing
  • New hybridoma and recombinant cell line generation, optimisation and stability studies
  • Phage display library screening (using antigen provided by customer)
  • Provision of IBGRL cell lines under a license agreement
  • Diagnostic assay development, validation & qualification (including CE marking)
  • Diagnostic platform development, validation & qualification
    Provision of IBGRL cell lines under a license agreement