Licensing and accreditation

NHSBT International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) Red Cell Reference is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory (number 9765).

Accreditation is limited to those activities described in our UKAS schedule of accreditation (PDF 990KB)

UKAS accreditation letter 2022 - 2023 (PDF 1.23MB)

The Molecular Diagnostics laboratory is now under the management of the H&I Function. There is no change to the services we provide, this includes the contact details for the laboratory, sample referral process or reporting. The UKAS Extension to Scope to move Molecular Diagnostics activities from customer number 9765 (IBGRL) to 9239 (H&I) has been granted. Please find further information on the H&I licensing and accreditation webpage.

IBGRL-PDPU produces CE Marked in vitro diagnostic antibodies for NHSBT Reagents.


We proactively declare the status of our quality, providing you with assurance of our continuing commitment to quality and to the needs of the user. Our declaration will assist referral laboratories compliance with ISO15189.

External Quality System Assurance Document for IBGRL Red Cell Reference (RCR) (PDF 235KB) 

External Quality System Assurance Document for H&I and Molecular Diagnostics (PDF 49KB)


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