Red cell genotyping

The IBGRL Molecular Diagnostics department offers United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited tests to national and international customers.

In multi-transfused patients or DAT positive patients, the presence of transfused red cells or auto-antibodies can prevent determination of blood group phenotype by serological techniques, however genetic analysis can be used to predict blood group phenotype.  

Red cell genotyping from blood, amniotic fluid or chorionic villi

IBGRL Molecular Diagnostics uses various techniques to determine blood group genotype: Allele-specific PCR, real-time PCR (allelic discrimination using Taqman probes) and HEA Beadchip. The technique used will depend on the test requested and the current workload in the laboratory.

Available genotyping tests

Blood Group Genotyping (patients and donors)

Please note that standard patient genotyping requests can be performed urgently, (<10 working days and within 48 hours), for an added premium of £125.00

Investigation Notes Samples required (minimum 0.5ml EDTA blood) Accompanying form Turnaround times
Standard Genotyping (RhD, C, c, E, e, K/k, Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar) 3ml EDTA blood

or 5ml Amniotic fluid

For CV send pre-extracted DNA (min conc of 10ng/µl & min volume 60µl)


FRM 4738Guidance

Within 10 business days (or 48 hours for an added premium)
Extended Genotyping RhD, C, c, E, e, V, VS, K/k, Kpa/b,Jsa/b, Fya/b, FyX, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar , Lua/b, Dia/b, Coa/b, Doa/b, LWa/b, Sc as required 3ml EDTA blood

or 5ml Amniotic fluid

For CV send pre-extracted DNA (min conc of 10ng/µl & min volume 60µl)


FRM4738 Guidance

Within 10 business days
Extended Genotyping (haemoglobinopathy array) - This genotyping test array is particularly suited for haemoglobinopathy patients RhD, C, c, E, e, (including common RhD, C and e variants),V, VS, hrB, hrS , K/k, Kpa/b, Jsa/b,Doa/b, Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar 3ml EDTA blood FRM1597 Within 12 weeks

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