What are plasmids?

Plasmids are small fragments of DNA, which can be engineered to introduce gene(s) of interest into cells. Our plasmids may be used for direct vaccination of patients (e.g. for HIV infection), cell therapies, or as the starting material for viral vectors. Viral vectors are commonly used in gene therapy for cell re-programming.

We take an innovative approach to our plasmid production, and ensure that we continue to meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices.

Fill Finish: Our products are filled using a grade A positive-pressure isolator in a grade C background. The isolator is decontaminated before each batch using the Bioquell Clarus L3 vapour phase hydrogen peroxide generator. An Aseptic Technologies CrystalTM M1 closed vial filling system, with a laser sealing device and disposable needle assembly is used for bottling. Our aseptic fill technology can fill up to 500 bottles per batch in a single session at various fill volumes less than 1mL to 50mL.

Our services also include the capacity for producing sterile products utilising our fully disposable systems, which meet strict sterility and GMP requirements.

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