DNA manufacture

The Clinical Biotechnology Centre (CBC) was opened in April 1999. Our aim is to be the preferred provider of quality-assured DNA and protein-based therapeutics for healthcare, academic and commercial customers seeking to establish the safety and efficacy of innovative cellular and molecular therapies.

We have been manufacturing GMP-grade DNA plasmids for nearly 20 years and are proud to have supported numerous clinical trials, treating patients around the world with a broad range of infectious, malignant or inherited disorders. With a wealth of expertise and experience, we manufacture plasmids for a variety of research, pre-clinical and clinical campaigns, for healthcare, academic and commercial customers. We have the experience to de-risk your project plans, and the know-how to overcome the challenges of transferring manufacturing processes to GMP compliance for the first time.

The Clinical Biotechnology Centre (CBC) holds licences, from the appropriate authorities, to use a range of E. coli strains for manufacturing products up to, and including, GMP grade.

Our selection of E. coli strains have been chosen, based on widely reported evidence and our own experience, to provide optimal plasmid yields and super-coiling in the final product.

To learn more about how CBC can support your process development and cell and gene therapy manufacturing campaigns please contact us at ENQCBC@nhsbt.nhs.uk

We were also thrilled to be awarded Leading Gene Therapy Products Manufacturer in the UK (2016), and Best Clinical Biotechnology Research Facility in the UK (2017).

Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies

The network of Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies (IHfGT) aims to accelerate academic-led development of novel gene therapies throughout the UK. 

Set up in 2021 with £18m in funding from the independent research charity LifeArc, the Medical Research Council (MRC), and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the hubs will operate as a coordinated network, sharing technical skills and resources.

Three new dedicated facilities have been created at King’s College London, NHS Blood and Transplant in Bristol, and the University of Sheffield.

The Hubs will enable academic researchers to progress novel gene therapy research into clinical trials, offering access to GMP (good manufacturing practice) facilities for clinical trials materials, alongside essential translational support and regulatory advice.

NHSBT Innovation Hub for Gene Therapies

Under the leadership of Dr Jon Smythe and Dr Paul Lloyd-Evans, the NHSBT Hub functions within the Clinical Biotechnology Centre (CBC). The new GMP facility at Filton will manufacture Nucleic Acids and Lentiviral Vectors (LVV) for clinical use. As a part of the Hub, CBC will integrate manufacturing capability for GMP grade, recombinant Adeno Associated Viral Vectors (rAAV) at small scales. As the Viral Vector Hub Manager, Dr Sujith Sebastian is responsible to the Hub Leads and manages the day-to-day activities and implementation of viral vector platform for routine production.

NHSBT Hub will also collaborate with the other national Hubs to provide training in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). Dr Piers Walser functions as the Head of Manufacturing Science and Technologies to enable process innovation. We also have the support from our Business Development department, Quality Assurance and Testing experts, Production Scientists and technical staffs to successfully launch and operate the Hub.

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Email: CMT@nhsbt.nhs.uk

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