Our mission and values

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the development of innovative cellular and molecular therapies.

Our aim is to become the preferred provider of quality-assured DNA and protein-based therapeutics for healthcare, academic and commercial customers by:

  • Manufacturing small bespoke batches of GMP-grade plasmid and protein-based advanced biological products for clinical applications
  • Aiding the translation of advanced therapies through pre-clinical and early phase I/II clinical trials
  • Offering quality control testing of products made by third parties and facilitating the importation of investigational medicinal products (IMPs) into the UK
  • Offering expert advice on regulatory issues, including guidance with clinical trial applications and documentation

Our Values

We help people to do something extraordinary

We intend to realise our aim of becoming the favoured provider of quality-assured DNA and protein-based therapeutics by:

  • Being affordable
    We understand that affordability of access to GMP-manufacturing capacity is a key issue for many of our customers. We are proud that our products and services are viewed by our customers as excellent value for money.
  • Being collaborative
    We work collaboratively with our customers. We find that our customers value our expert advice in assessing options, planning and problem solving, especially as experimental products enter the GMP environment for the first time.
  • Being adaptable
    Our reputation is built on delivering highly specialised bespoke products to specific customer requirements. Although we deploy validated standardised techniques and processes, requirements vary from one customer to another. Our ability to customise is especially valued by customers seeking innovative products which meet GMP-compliance for the first time. We don’t use animal-derived reagents which is important for our customers seeking regulatory approval for clinical applications.
  • Being flexible
    We arrange production schedules to meet customer requirements, and can adapt our processes as we transfer processes to the GMP environment. Our customers value the ease of communication with us, as we accommodate changes that may be challenging for less flexible manufacturers.

Eight Good Reasons to Choose the CBC

  1. Our track record in small scale production of GMP-grade plasmids and proteins is second to none in the UK
  2. Our highly skilled staff draw on almost 20 years of experience at the CBC
  3. We can manufacture multiple batches of plasmids concurrently on a campaign basis
  4. We draw on extensive QA and QP expertise across NHS Blood and Transplant to support the production and testing of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) and the preparation of IMP Dossiers (IMPDs)
  5. We have many years’ experience importing and distributing IMPs manufactured outside of the EU
  6. We provide a bespoke service, tailored to the different needs of healthcare, academic, start-up and established gene therapy units
  7. We are an established partner of choice for the world-leading gene therapy groups across the UK and Europe
  8. Our customers rate our standard of service as ‘exceptionally high’: click here to read what our customers say about us

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