Our mission and values

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet customer demand for increasingly sophisticated haemopoietic stem cell therapies and support the development of innovative cellular and molecular therapies at every stage of the process through collaborative partnerships and contract manufacturing, offering expert support throughout.

Our Vision

To have NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) be the preferred provider of established cell therapies to the NHS, and of innovative cellular and DNA-based therapies for academic and commercial organisations.

Our Values

Within NHSBT’s three core principles of Caring, Expert and Quality, the Cellular and Molecular Therapies team commits to the following values:

Be affordable

Our prices for stem cells and immunotherapy services are fixed annually and offered under a standard service level agreement, which we have in place with all the hospitals we support.

For our customers looking for GMP cell and molecular therapy manufacture, we understand that affordability is a key issue. We are proud that our products and services are viewed by our customers as excellent value for money.

Be collaborative

We have strong links to the hospitals we support and will always work collaboratively to support patient access to the therapies they need, when they need them.

We find that our ATMP customers value our expert, quality advice in assessing options, planning and problem solving, especially as experimental products enter the GMP environment for the first time.

Be adaptable

Our reputation is built on delivering quality services to all our customers. We recognise that hospital trusts deliver different transplantation programmes or might require additional services to complement their internal laboratory services.

Our cellular and molecular therapy manufacturing services deliver highly specialised bespoke products to meet specific customer requirements. Although we deploy validated and standardised techniques and processes as much as possible, we also understand that requirements vary from customer to customer.

Be flexible

We arrange production schedules to meet customer requirements and can adapt our procedures as we transfer processes to the GMP environment. Our customers value the ease of communication with us, as we accommodate changes that may be challenging for less flexible manufacturers.