Cord blood donation

Help save a life after you create one

Cord blood is rich in stem cells

It can be used to treat many diseases, but it’s usually thrown away after the birth of a baby.

If cord blood is donated, we can turn it into a life saving product. We have dedicated hospitals for cord blood donation and manage the British Bone Marrow Registry, which holds the details of stem cell donors and cord blood donations from England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Together with the Anthony Nolan, we aim to create a UK cord blood inventory of 30,000 donors to increase the chances of finding a suitable match for those in need. Our aim is to bank an additional 2,300 cord blood donations each year.

You're in safe hands

  • We hold a Blood Establishment Authorisation
  • We are regulated by the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • We are compliant with the Blood Safety and Quality regulations

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