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Register to donate

If you are interested in donating your cord blood, please complete the form below. We will then send you a sticker to attach to the front of your hand held maternity notes.

Please note - Effective from 1 October 2018, there will be new hours of operation at our five sites: 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday.

Asterisks (*) indicate compulsory fields.

  • Please do not register if your hospital is not listed, as regrettably the NHS does not have sufficient funding to collect blood elsewhere.
  • You should not attempt to gain a referral to give birth at one of these hospitals in order to have a chance of donating, as we are unable to offer any guarantee of collector availability.
  • In addition, not all collections are successful and only those of the highest volume and quality are suitable for banking for public use.

Delayed clamping will not exclude you from donating – if you are happy to donate we are happy to attempt a collection.

You should only offer to donate your cord blood and tissue to the NHS Cord Blood Bank if you are due to give birth at one of the following London hospitals:

  • Watford General
  • University College
  • St. George’s
  • Luton & Dunstable
  • Barnet General

You should not donate if you have ever;

  • Been diagnosed with syphilis, HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C

Or if in the 3 months prior to the delivery of your baby you have had sex with;

  • A partner who has had sex with someone in exchange for money or drugs
  • A partner who injects drugs for non-medical reasons including body building drugs
  • A partner who has been diagnosed with Syphilis, HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C
  • A partner who has been sexually active in areas where HIV is common
  • Someone in exchange for money or drugs

You should also not donate if in the 12 months prior to the delivery of your baby, if you have:

  • Injected drugs for non-medical reasons

To donate your cord blood you must be aged 17 or over.

If you would like to discuss the statements above, please contact us.

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