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Convalescent plasma programme

We are urgently appealing for people who have had coronavirus to donate plasma.

We are leading a programme to collect plasma for transfusion to COVID-19 patients.

Plasma from people who've had COVID-19 may save the lives of people who are still ill. 

If you've had coronavirus, please consider volunteering. We need even more plasma donors to help respond to the increasing need for treatments.

Get involved

If you've had COVID-19, you may be able to help coronavirus patients by volunteering to donate plasma.



people have offered to donate


units of plasma have been collected


hospitals are taking part in the trials

Updated on 20 November 2020

What is convalescent plasma?

Plasma is a yellow-ish liquid in your blood that carries red and white blood cells and platelets around the body. 

After a virus, your plasma contains antibodies used to help fight infection.

Convalescent plasma is the antibody-rich plasma of someone who has recovered from a virus, in this case COVID-19.

A donor holds a bag of his plasma
Thousands of people have donated plasma across England

Why is convalescent plasma important?

Plasma from people who've had COVID-19 may contain antibodies that their immune systems have produced in fighting the virus.

This plasma can be transfused to patients whose immune systems are struggling to develop their own antibodies.

We will use donations from people that have a high level of these antibodies in two clinical trials.

Plasma donors

We are working with NHS partners to identify potential convalescent plasma donors who have a confirmed positive test result and we will be making direct contact with people.

If you have tested positive for coronavirus or had clear symptoms you can also register your interest in becoming a plasma donor.

Find out who can donate plasma

Donors with high levels of antibodies

We’ve found that some groups of people are more likely to have the high levels of antibodies needed for the trials. That means their plasma is most likely to save lives.

Donors who have tested highest for antibodies:

  • are male
  • are over 35 
  • were ill enough with COVID-19 to be treated in hospital
  • are often from Asian communities

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