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Contacts and partners

We are working with colleagues in the wider NHS, regulatory and industry bodies as well as academic partners to explore COVID-19 research and trials.

General enquiries:

If you have questions about donation to the plasma programme, you can phone, text or email us.

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NHSBT media contact:

email: pressoffice@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Phone: 01923 367 600 (24 hours a day)

Hospitals who wish to take part in the clinical trials can register an expression of interest by contacting:

For clinical queries about NHS Blood and Transplant's provision of convalescent plasma please email us at NHSBTCustomerService@nhsbt.nhs.uk.

Our programme partners

Government departments, agencies and public bodies

Department of Health & Social Care

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Public Health England

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NHS Digital

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National Institute for Health Research

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Universities and departments

University of Cambridge

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King's College London

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University of Oxford

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Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Nuffield Department of Medicine

Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

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Addenbrooke's Hospital

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John Radcliffe Hospital 

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Blood donation services

Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

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Welsh Blood Service

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Interested parties

Royal College of Pathologists

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British Society of Haematology

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This ground-breaking REMAP-CAP trial, conducted by NHSBT, will test whether convalescent plasma treatment can save lives and shorten intensive care unit stays.
Professor David Menon

Emeritus Senior Investigator, National Institute for Health Research

NHS Blood and Transplant is now collecting convalescent plasma for use in a randomised clinical trial as a potential treatment for COVID-19. We are investigating whether this plasma can improve survival and reduce ventilation and intensive care unit stay in COVID-19 patients. This is an exciting development as there is no proven treatment for COVID-19.
Professor David Roberts

Associate Medical Director, NHS Blood and Transplant

The REMAP-CAP trial has been specifically designed to provide answers about the best treatment options for the most seriously ill with COVID-19. It is fully adaptive, meaning that new treatments can be added as we learn more, the sample size isn’t fixed and it keeps recruiting until it finds that a treatment is better, worse, or the same as another.
Professor Anthony Gordon

NIHR Research Professor and Chief Investigator for REMAP-CAP