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Who can donate plasma?

Check whether you meet the basic criteria and then register your interest in donating plasma. We will then contact you to discuss your suitability in detail.  

Who can donate

To donate plasma you will need to: 

  • have had coronavirus (either a positive test or symptoms)

  • be over 17

  • be able to travel to one of our donation centres

We are particularly interested in hearing from men, people aged over 35, people from Asian communities, and people who were treated in hospital. These people are more likely to have higher levels of antibodies in their plasma which can help fight infection. 

You’ll be able to donate after you’ve recovered but you can register your interest while you still have symptoms.

Get involved

If you've had coronavirus, you may be able to help others by volunteering to donate plasma.

Donating plasma was a pleasant experience 

Rajeev holds a bag of his plasma

Rajeev Verma, 52, was hospitalised with coronavirus and has since donated

If you are not sure whether you can donate call us on 0300 123 23 23 to discuss your situation in confidence.