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Coronavirus update

Following the suspension of our cord blood collection services we have now re-opened our collection sites with the exception of Royal Free London - Barnet and Watford General.

Where can I donate?

You can donate to the NHS Cord Blood Bank at five hospitals where we have dedicated, trained staff who work throughout the day and night.

Please note

  • As of 29 January 2020, collection services at Barnet General Hospital have temporarily been suspended.
  • The cord blood donation programme is no longer available at Northwick Park.
  • The hours of operation at our collection sites are: 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday.

We have deliberately targeted our resources so that we collect from hospitals with the widest ethnic mix. In addition, these hospitals are subject to high delivery rates, which gives us the greatest variety of tissue types for patients. These tissue types are inherited and vary across different ethnic groups.

Anthony Nolan

The Anthony Nolan charity also run a public cord bank collecting at four hospitals:

  • Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester
  • King's College Hospital, London
  • Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Leicester General Hospital

The NHS Cord Blood Bank and British Bone Marrow Registry work in partnership with Anthony Nolan, the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry and DKMS as part of the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry. The BBMR lists more than 344,000 blood donors who have also agreed to be potential bone marrow and stem cell donors, and have a target to bank 30,000 clinical suitable cord blood units by the end of 2018.