Our Strategic Plan - Saving and Improving Lives - sets out our role in ensuring as many patients as possible get the specialist life-saving or life-enhancing treatment that they need from the NHS. It gives an update on our recent work and sets out clear targets for the period ahead.

We have well-developed strategies for each area of our organisation. Some of these, such as for blood and organ donation, are available separately and have clear targets for 2020. Wherever each business unit is in its strategic cycle - the Strategic Plan gives an overview of progress to date and priorities for the year ahead.

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Archived Annual Review:

Triennial Review:

The Department of Health published their Triennial Review into NHS Blood and Transplant in September 2016. The review, which commenced on 25 June 2015, consulted with a wide range of stakeholders. The review concludes that NHS Blood and Transplant is an efficient and high performing organisation, and in the future will seek to increase its contribution to the life sciences industry. The report contains a total of 18 recommendations; five are about the function and form of NHS Blood and Transplant, with the remaining 13 intended to support NHS Blood and Transplant`s future performance, efficiency, and governance.

NHSBT Sustainability Strategy 2015 - 2025:

Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. As one of the largest organisations in the world, the NHS has a large environmental footprint and it is important that every part of the NHS strives to reduce that footprint. And the public expect it, with 92% of NHS patients saying that they want sustainability to be taken seriously.

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