Saving Lives

Our purpose is to save and improve as many lives as possible. Our challenge is to provide a safe and reliable supply of blood components, diagnostic services and stem cell services to hospitals in England, tissues and solid organs to hospitals across the UK and provide diagnostic and therapeutic services outside the UK.

We collect donations from voluntary donors, prepare them for use, dispatch them to hospitals and match them to patients who need them. Each year our donors give around two million donations of blood and 3,500 organs, saving and transforming thousands of lives.

Our therapeutic service teams work with hospital clinicians to provide patients with life-saving treatments for conditions such as leukaemia. Our diagnostic work helps find the right treatment for patients with rare blood conditions and our translational research programme means we're constantly developing safer and more effective treatments. As a world leader in blood, organ and tissue management we also commission and conduct research and development.

You can find out more about the scope of our work, our donors, the patients we serve, and how you can be a part of saving lives through donation in the sections on this website.

Our strategy for the next five years is ambitious and is focused on:

  • Delivering a modern world class blood service that is responsive and attractive to our donors providing a safe and sustainable supply of blood products
  • Better integration and planning of the end-to-end blood supply chain from donor through to patients providing better service at the lowest possible cost to hospitals
  • Working with NHS hospitals so our services are as accessible and effective as they can be to meet patient needs
  • Saving and improving more lives by facilitating the maximum number of deceased organ donations
  • Matching world-class performance in organ donation and transplantation - specifically by generating a detailed action plan and funding commitment in support of the new strategy - Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020
  • Building on our unique skills and capabilities in tissues, stem cells, diagnostic and apheresis services to deliver high-quality, cost-effective therapies for NHS patients and become a preferred supplier of cost-effective specialist services to the NHS
  • Developing and delivering innovative research programmes

Learn more here: Strategic Plan 2014-15

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