Diagnostic Services

We offer a range of diagnostic services, focused on red cell immunohaematology (RCI) and histocompatibility and immunogenetics (H&I) testing which provide vital support for blood transfusion, organ and stem cell transplantation. Our staff work to ensure the safety and clinical efficacy of transfusion and transplantation therapies by providing specialist diagnostic and donation selection activities.

We are developing strategies for each of these areas that are all focused on providing high quality, cost effective patient focused services for the NHS. The strategies build on our unique capabilities and our aim to be the NHS's preferred supplier to the NHS by using our national network of centres of excellence to deliver improved safety, quality and better value for money.

These services are supplied through a national network of laboratories located at NHSBT Birmingham, Filton, Colindale, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Tooting, which offer both RCI and H&I testing, together with additional RCI testing centres at Leeds and Liverpool, ensuring a local point of contact for all testing requirements.

Scientist with microscope

We work closely with hospitals to ensure that testing and matching activity is carried out efficiently, accurately and speedily for patients, and are constantly improving the ability to respond to clinical testing needs. For example, we are in the process of implementing an electronic reporting system for pathology results which can speed up the delivery of results and ensure access on demand. We are also working with partners to review and develop the options for red cell immunohaematology to identify how we respond to changing working patterns within transfusion services.

We work with our customers to get their feedback and identify ways that we can improve our services – such as the ongoing development of online blood ordering. We also work to esudate and inform our customers to ensure the appropriate use of blood components – with a specific focus on O negative red cells, platelets and frozen components.

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Blood 2020

A strategy for the blood supply in England

The Blood 2020 strategy outlines a range of initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our ambition to be the best organisation of our type in the world. From donor to patient we will use technology to improve the experience and extend our 24/7 service. We will draw on world leading research and innovation to improve our products. We will continue to work with hospitals to improve blood usage and integrate our service.

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