Research and Development

We run an innovative national and international research programme with most of the work conducted in partnership with leading universities. Our aim is to:

  • Generate new knowledge about blood transfusion, organ and stem cell transplantation and tissue products
  • Improve the health of patients and donors
  • Improve the quality, safety and appropriate use of our products and services
  • Develop new products and services for the NHS
  • Assess new technologies to ensure improvements in quality and safety for patients
Scientist in laboratory

This activity is supported by:

  • The Clinical Biotechnology Centre (Bristol), which manufactures GMP-grade biologicals for Phase 1 clinical trials
  • Systematic Reviews Initiative (Oxford) which undertakes literature analyses leading to clinical trials
  • Statistics and Clinical Trials (Bristol/Oxford/Cambridge), which undertakes world-class clinical trials
  • The Component Development Laboratory, which develops and assesses new blood processing methods

Our clinical trials unit are a full service CTU, with 12 years' experience of conducting clinical trials. Our aim is to assist with the design, conduct, analysis and publication of clinical trials and other prospective studies, primarily in the fields of transfusion medicine, organ donation and transplantation, tissue and stem cell transplantation.

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