Platelet Donation

We collect platelets at our 24 centres across England. They are processed, tested and issued to hospitals to treat patients unable to make enough platelets in their bone marrow. These are often patients with leukaemia or other cancers who may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment. Or patients who need a platelet transfusion after major surgery or extensive injury and blood loss.

Platelets given by our generous and committed donors are often life-saving and special in that they can help up to 3 adults or even 12 children.

Technician with Platelet bag

You do not have to have donated blood before to become a platelet donor. You can become a platelet donor if you are generally in good health and either:

  • aged 17 to 65 (if you have not donated before)
  • If you are over 65 and have given blood before
  • Or if you are over 70 you must have given a full donation in the last 2 years

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