Blood Donation

Blood is something we all expect to be there for us when we need it, yet less than 3% of us actively give blood. Many people would not be alive today if it wasn't for the generosity of our donors.

We are proud to have 1.3m registered voluntary blood donors in England. We collect blood from these donors, process and test it and deliver it to hospitals to help save and improve patients´ lives.

Our aim is to provide donors with an accessible, safe and appealing service so they can give blood at a convenient time for them. We have 24 fixed blood donation centres across England and 88 mobile blood collection teams running about 23,000 blood collection sessions a year in communities across England.

Nurse attending a Blood Donor

Our 6,000 dedicated and expert staff collect donations from our loyal donors, turn their voluntary donations into life saving and life enhancing products and distribute them to hospitals throughout the UK to patients. Our staff work 24/7 365 days per year to process, test and issue donated blood from our 15 stock holding units across the country. Using LEAN manufacturing techniques has contributed to us achieving world class productivity levels in processing and testing.

Our constant challenge is to attract donors in sufficient numbers at the right time and from the right blood group mix to match the needs of hospital patients.

We know that our donors support the need to balance efficiency with convenience and understand we sometimes have to make difficult decisions about how and where we collect blood. Our aim is to modernise our blood collection operations offering donors sessions with a mixture of pre-booked and walk-in appointments so that people can donate in ways that fit their lifestyles.

We are building on successful initiatives to improve donor safety and experience through reduction in fainting, bruising and re-bleeding. We are continuing to refurbish and modernise our fixed donor centres to make them more welcoming and attractive environments. We are investing in technology so that donors and staff can access information online, reducing paperwork and saving time so they can spend more time caring for donors.

To learn more about becoming a blood donor go to If you are generally healthy and aged 17 or over, the chances are you could help save and improve the lives of others.

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While NHS Blood and Transplant operates in England, South Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have their own Blood services.

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Blood 2020

A strategy for the blood supply in England

The Blood 2020 strategy outlines a range of initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our ambition to be the best organisation of our type in the world. From donor to patient we will use technology to improve the experience and extend our 24/7 service. We will draw on world leading research and innovation to improve our products. We will continue to work with hospitals to improve blood usage and integrate our service.

Click here for Blood 2020 document

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