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Currently Tissue Services can only supply users within the United Kingdom. This is because of the theoretical risk of secondary transmission of vCJD. Whilst the risk of transmitting vCJD via our tissue grafts is thought to be very low, Tissue Services have elected for this preventative policy to avoid potential new vCJD cases in populations at lower or no risk of disease prevalence.

Tissue will only be supplied to UK hospital or Primary Care Trust addresses and only to a named registered healthcare professional. Supply is on condition of a signed service level agreement (SLA) or contract being in place. In rare exceptional circumstances e.g. an emergency out of routine hours, tissue will be supplied without an SLA by arrangement (we will require written faxed authorisation from a registered healthcare practitioner as an interim agreement prior to arranging signing of the SLA).

Systems must be in place to store the tissue appropriately and to record its use.

Tissue Services operates a cost recovery model (a charge to recoup the costs of running the service). Supply is on condition of the provision of an order number for invoicing. Out of hours in an emergency, this order number can be supplied next working day only if there is faxed authorisation from a registered practitioner. An invoice will be sent monthly from NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) for all orders supplied.

For new customers, please telephone Tissue Services directly so that your details can be authorised and the relevant agreement/contract sent to you. After this, orders can be placed via the web or telephone, whichever is most convenient.

Contact details

For further information, clinical or scientific advice, or to place an order, please contact Tissue Services via our national order telephone line 0845 607 6820. Out of routine office hours an automated message will provide you with a pager number to contact your nearest on call professional, or alternatively you can leave a message and we will return your call next working day.

National Order Line:
0845 607 6820

National Fax Line:
0845 607 6819

Tissue Services

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