Human Tissue Squad

'The Human Tissue Squad', an extraordinary two-part documentary is an unprecedented journey into the unseen, intimate and fascinating world of tissue donation.

Filmed at our tissue bank in Liverpool, which is the largest retrieval and storage facility for human tissue in the UK. The programme follows several dedicated and inspiring teams involved in the entire clinical pathway, from donation through to testing and transplantation. Several tissue recipients are also featured and emphasise the life-saving and life-enhancing role that donated tissue plays within the NHS.

Who are we and what do we do?

NHS Blood and Transplant Tissue Services is the UK's major provider of human tissue for transplant within the NHS and independent UK hospitals.

We are responsible for the entire clinical pathway, from co-ordinating, retrieval, processing and banking tissue, to supplying safe and effective human tissue grafts for use in grafting/transplantation.

We bank and supply tissue grafts from around 400 deceased tissue donors per year and respond on a 24 hour basis to around 6,500 donor referrals.

As part of the NHS we operate as a not-for-profit organisation with patient safety at our core. We have a vast knowledge and experience available including research, clinical expertise and quality system providing a strong foundation for maintaining our high standards in tissue banking.

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