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Tissue donation can help thousands of people each year. Donated tissue such as skin, bones and eyes can save or dramatically improve the lives of many people suffering from illness or injury.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and their families, thousands of people every year receive life-transforming tissue transplants.

Registering to be a tissue donor is quick and easy. To be a donor after your death, you simply need to join the Organ Donor Register and tell your closest family and friends about your wishes.

To donate under our Bone Donation During Surgery Programme or Live Amniotic Membrane Donation Programme, find out more here.

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Save More Lives:

Donate blood

We always need new blood donors. Please don't leave it to someone else. More information.

Donate platelets

Have you given blood before? You may be able to donate platelets. More information.

The British Bone Marrow Registry

By registering with the British Bone Marrow Registry you could help people even further.

Donate tissues

Tissue donation gives many families the option of making a difference to others. More information.

Donate cord blood

In creating a life, why not help to save another. More information.


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