In creating one life why not save another?

It's easy to donate your cord blood to the NHS
Cord Blood Bank after the birth of your baby,
just like Bilal's mum did.

How cord blood saved my life

Cody's Story

At the young age of only 16 months, Cody was diagnosed with Hurlers syndrome, a rare but fatal disease which is caused by the body failing to produce a particular enzyme (alpha – l – hydrogenase). Once diagnosed, Cody was treated for 12 weeks with enzyme replacement therapy. A cord blood transplant was Cody’s only real hope of stopping the disease from progressing any further and without which she would not survive into her teens.

A search of the international cord blood bank register found a good match for Cody from America and plans were immediately put into place to transfer the cord blood unit to the UK. Cody’s transplant was a great success and she is now back at home with her parents and big brother Callum, enjoying watching her favourite cartoons on TV and riding her new bicycle.

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Cody with her family

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