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The TOT2020 Oversight Group

The remit of the TOT2020 Oversight Group

  • To contribute energy and provide advice on the development and delivery of project plans to implement the Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020 and Living Donor Kidney Transplantation 2020 strategies.
  • To encourage a UK-wide approach to implementation, recognising the differing systems and approaches across the four UK Health Administrations through bringing together representatives of all those with a role in implementing the strategies.
  • To agree and monitor: milestones for implementation; measures of progress; measures of success.
  • To ensure that the delivery plans are aligned and, where necessary, joint plans are developed where implementation falls across several groups.
  • To ensure that the roles and responsibilities for implementation of the strategies are clearly defined and recognised.
  • To identify and recommend actions to address any risks to successful implementation of the strategies.
  • To collate and publish regular progress reports.
  • To undertake a mid-term review of Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020, to ensure that the strategy remains fit for purpose.


Terms of Reference

Download the Oversight Group Terms of Reference

Latest meeting minutes

The latest minutes of the TOT2020 Oversight Group are available to download below in PDF format.


Stakeholder engagement

A Stakeholder Group, comprising of the voluntary sector (including patient and donor family representative groups), extends the advice available to the Oversight Group. This Group helps provide a steer for the implementation of the strategies, with a particular focus on the development of plans for changing public attitudes and behaviours.