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We are grateful to all those who contributed to the development of this strategy. Our particular thanks go to the following groups and individuals, for their advice and support.

Within the UK:

  • British Transplantation Society
  • College of Emergency Medicine
  • Donor Family Network
  • Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Intensive Care Society
  • Live Life Then Give Life
  • National Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Transplant Alliance
  • National Kidney Federation
  • Transplant 2013
  • UK Donation Ethics Committee


  • PJ Geraghty, Donor Network of Arizona (USA)
  • Bernadette Haase-Kromwijk, Director Dutch Transplant Foundation (The Netherlands)
  • Lori Markham, Midwest Transplant Network (USA)
  • Kevin O'Connor, LifeCenter Northwest (USA)
  • Axel Rahmel, Eurotransplant International Foundation (The Netherlands)