Who can help?

There are a number of dedicated teams within NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) who can provide a specialised response to queries.

Where the remit is outside that of research and development (R&D), our Research Governance Office is well placed to link enquiries to the appropriate team.

Common points of contact include:

Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation (OTDT)

Research involving organ and tissue donation, retrieval and/or transplantation is subject to approval from OTDT’s Research, Innovation and Novel Technologies Advisory Group (RINTAG).

RINTAG also approves and facilitates access to the National Research Organ Allocation Scheme as well as access to other, not-routinely transplanted tissues from deceased organ donors.

Find out more about the OTDT approval process or email the ODT Research team: ODTresearch@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

NHSBT’s CTU is fully registered with the UKCRC and aims to collaborate with researchers in the design, conduct, analysis and publication of clinical trials and other prospective studies.

To discuss planning a trial or study, please contact: CTU@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Non-Clinical Issue (NCI)

Whilst NHSBT endeavours to minimise waste and process failure in the clinical supply chain, inevitably there is some donated material that is surplus to clinical requirement or unsuitable for therapeutic use.

These materials can be used for R&D within NHSBT, and supplied to the wider NHS and authorised external organisations for specific uses.

All initial enquires should be sent to: nciadmin@nhsbt.nhs.uk


The Statistics team supports:

1. The design and analysis of studies in organ and tissue donation, retrieval and transplantation
2. Observational studies in blood donation and transfusion medicine
3. Clinical audit of blood and transplantation services

For general statistical enquiries please contact Statistics and for Clinical Audit enquiries please contact the Clinical Audit team.

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