Help us go pink for Organ Donation Week

16 August 2018

Currently three people die every day in need of an organ transplant, often because families haven’t discussed the subject and don’t know whether to consent to donation on behalf of their relative or not.

Belfast City Hall went pink in support of Organ Donation Week 2018

Starting on the 3rd September Organ Donation Week will see individuals and organisations across the United Kingdom working to raise awareness of the important need for families to talk about organ donation to help save lives.

A key part of the campaign is encouraging conversations in communities, and NHS Blood and Transplant teams across the nation are working with organisations to light up buildings, monuments and other tourist attractions pink for some or all of the week.

Pictured left: Belfast City Hall goes pink in support of Organ Donation Week 2017.

Going pink could be easier than you think

Find all the details you need below to get behind this campaign and help us light up the skyline during Organ Donation Week.

Download our 'how to' letter

Our 'how to' letter contains information about how your organisation, or a building, monument or other tourist attraction near you can go pink for the week. Why not share it with an organisation in your local area?

Share our press release and show your support

We've provided a press release template for organisations supporting our campaign to use. 

Get the latest statistics

We've provided an excel spreadsheet of organ donation statistics for partners to use in support of Organ Donation Week 2018. 

Download additional materials

These resources are also available on our Organ Donation Week page on the Promoting Donation Hub, where you can find other Organ Donation Week downloads including an email signature, web banners and social media images.