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Giving blood is an easy way to make a difference to people in need

vInspired is calling on young people to change the world through small simple actions. Giving blood is one way of doing this.

We've partnered with the UK's leading youth volunteering charity, vInspired, to increase the number of 17-26 year olds registering as blood donors.

Giving blood is an easy way to make a difference to people in need, which is why together we've launched "One 4 All", a nationwide campaign as part of vInspired's Do Something programme.

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The vInspired team created a One 4 All Facebook app which is easily shareable with family and friends

The One 4 All app contains information to help young people understand the need for blood donors and challenges them to think about those people close to them that could need blood one day. It also has a blood quiz and can be used to see how many of their Facebook friends might need donated blood. They can also calculate just how many lives they could save by signing up to donate and becoming a regular donor.



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