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Living Transplant Initiative funding call

Invitation to apply for funding to encourage living donor kidney transplantation for people who may be without means or opportunity to engage because of their ethnicity, culture or socio-economic circumstances.

Call for applications open until Friday 10th May 2019.

As part of the Living Donor Kidney Transplantation 2020 Strategy, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is committed to promoting equal access to living donation across all sectors of society.

For the past two years, the Living Transplant Initiative (LTI), administered via the National Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Alliance, has been sponsored and supported by NHSBT, specifically to engage with Black and Asian people about living donation.

The LTI has raised awareness through community events and produced culture and faith-based educational resources, which are hosted within the NHSBT promoting donation hub. The final report will be published in May 2020 but the interim report is available now.

This year, NHSBT is committed to transforming community awareness and initial expressions of interest about living donor kidney transplantation into more people who seriously consider it as an option for them and make a positive choice to proceed if they can.

The aim is to give more people the means and the opportunity to donate a living donor kidney if they are suitable so that more patients benefit from a successful transplant. Recent research suggests that access to living donor kidney transplantation is limited by ethnicity, culture and socio-economic circumstances.

The aim is to support initiatives that will promote engagement with Black and Asian people as well as those who are limited by their socio-economic situation. The funding will be administered by NHSBT.

NHS Blood and Transplant aims to support initiatives that:

  • Engage with the target groups, supporting people who express interest in living kidney donation to become a recipient or donor if they are suitable and wish to do so.
  • Support local or regional activities focusing on engagement with individual recipients, potential donors and their families or small group activities. (Rather than community-based events/meetings).
  • Build on existing projects or fund bids that could be put in place simply and quickly to yield outcomes in-year. (Rather than large ‘start-up’ projects).
  • Are ‘joint actions’ between clinical colleagues, donor-recipient representatives or local Kidney Patient Associations/community groups so that there is appropriate collaboration, expertise and knowledge within the project team to deliver the required outcome.

Applications will be assessed and monitored by the LTI Project Board and outcomes will be collated and published in a report at the end of the funding period.

Read more about the funding call on the Organ Donation website.

Application documents