Clinical Trials Unit

The NHSBT Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) was established in April 2013 to support NHSBT's programme of clinical trials, and is directed by Professor Dave Collett, Associate Director of Statistics and Clinical Studies. Our aim is to assist with the design, conduct, analysis and publication of clinical trials and other prospective studies.

The CTU was originally formed in April 2001 within the National Blood Service, in collaboration with the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. Since then, many observational studies and randomised controlled trials in the field of transfusion medicine have been successfully completed. Following publication of the results, these studies are now influencing clinical practice in this area.

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Our remit has now broadened to include all areas of NHSBT's activities. Core funding supports key posts to ensure that the CTU can become the "provider of choice" for clinical trials in transfusion medicine, organ donation and transplantation, tissue and stem cell transplantation. We recommend contact at an early stage in the preparation of funding applications and protocols.

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