Measuring Success

Focus and sustained collaborative effort by individuals and organisations is required for the UK to achieve the aim of matching the best in the world. It is important to understand whether the sum of these actions is having the expected impact. A number of measures will be used to track improvements in performance and to compare with international benchmarks. It is likely to take longer than seven years to achieve these measures fully but they represent world-class performance and should be the UK aspiration.

Measure 1:

Consent/authorisation for organ donation

Aim for consent/authorisation rate above 80% (currently 57%)7
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Measure 2:

Deceased organ donation

Aim for 26 deceased donors per million population (pmp) (currently 19.1 pmp)
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Measure 3:

Organ utilisation

Aim to transplant 5% more of the organs offered from consented, actual donors

Aim for:

  • 85% of abdominal* organs from DBD donors to be transplanted (currently 80%).
  • 35% of hearts and lungs from DBD donors to be transplanted (currently 30%).
  • 65% of abdominal organs from DCD donors to be transplanted (currently 60%), and
  • 12% of lungs from DCD donors to be transplanted (currently 7%).

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Measure 4:

Patients transplanted

Aim for a deceased donor transplant rate of 74 pmp (currently 49 pmp)
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* Kidney, liver and pancreas

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