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Boots provide a unique opportunity on the high street for people to join the Organ Donor Register. Anyone applying for a Boots Advantage Card can also join the register via a tick-box on the application form and online. Since the collaboration started in 2000, over 1.3 million customers have joined the register through the scheme.

Since 2000, Boots has also supported the drive for more organ donors by in-store activity during National Transplant Week and by helping to focus on the particular need to encourage more people from black and Asian communities to sign up.

In 2008, NHS Blood and Transplant and Boots opened a new blood donor suite in Boots' Poole store. The successful collaboration is the first of its kind in a permanent, high street location.

Garwyn Morris, Divisional Healthcare Development Manager for Boots UK, said:

"This partnership and location gives donors greater access, choice and convenience to be able to continue contributing to such a life-changing service."

"Boots is proud to be associated with NHSBT and we look forward to the ongoing success of the partnership."


Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Dudley MBC is the second local authority to formally work in partnership with NHSBT. Through the partnership, the council aims to help increase the organ and blood donation rates among both its staff and borough residents. With a particular focus on increasing registration levels among Dudley's black and Asian communities.

The percentage of people on the ODR in the Dudley Council area is currently just 19 per cent at 58,866 signatories, compared to a national average of 30 per cent. Meanwhile, more than 60 people in the borough need an organ transplant.

Similarly, Dudley has only 6,565 active blood donors, meaning that only 2.14 per cent of local people give blood, compared to a national figure of four per cent.

Councilor Steve Waltho, cabinet member for adult and community services, said:

"This is a potentially life saving agreement we have in place. We hope this will not only increase awareness of the importance of blood and organ donors, but also encourage more people to sign up.

We have made a commitment to encouraging our residents and staff to do what they can to help save people's lives."


Councillor Steve Waltho, cabinet member for adult and community services, Rebecca Timmins, specialist nurse with NHSBT, and Councillor Zafar Islam, cabinet member for health and wellbeing


The DVLA has been our longest serving tick box partner, who provide drivers with the opportunity to join the Organ Donor Register through both their paper and online registration methods.

In 2011, 1.1 million new registrants joined the NHS Organ Donor Register with 86% coming through tick box schemes carried by our partners. The DVLA was our single largest contributor and delivered 58% of the total registrations in 2011.

Since July 2011, we have been running a pilot system of 'prompted choice' on organ donor registration for the DVLA online application form for renewing and applying for driving licences. This requires applicants to choose one of three options, a) Yes, I would like to register, b) I do not wish to answer this question now or c) I am already registered on the NHS Organ Donor Register.


Enfield Council

Enfield Council has become the first council in the UK to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation by including a prompt on the homepage of their website to encourage people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Around 36% of the population have registered a decision to donate their organs after they die by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register, but only 20% of Enfield's residents have signed up. We hope through this partnership that many more lives will be saved.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga who has championed the partnership with NHSBT to promote blood and organ donation, said: "I am incredibly proud of Enfield Council leading the way with this lifesaving partnership. Currently, almost 100 people in Enfield are waiting for an organ transplant, and some may die before they receive the organ they desperately need. It is clear that the vast majority of people would accept a donated organ to save their life or that of a loved one, yet it is very sad that such a low percentage of the population in the UK have actually joined the Organ Donor Register themselves. Joining the register can be the difference between life and death for a person, including a number of children, waiting for a transplant. That's why we strongly urge everyone to not delay, and take a few minutes to visit the website and sign up to help save a life today."

Glenn Stewart, Assistant Director of Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga and NHSBT`s Partnerships Manager Zeeshan Asghar


Our partnership with Facebook aims to increase the number of people on the Organ Donor Register and allow them to share this through Facebook's Timeline feature.

Facebook's Timeline enables people to post key life events and milestones to their profile. By clicking a health and wellbeing button, they can add 'Registered as an organ donor' to their Timeline and if they wish, click through to NHSBT's Facebook page to officially register.

The initiative means people can log their support for organ donation on their Facebook Timeline with the added benefit of sharing that information with friends and family, which is a crucial part of organ donation.

Evidence shows only 50% of those who wish to donate organs after death let their families know. Relatives who know about wishes to donate are 50% more likely to agree to donation. Each time consent is given for organ donation, this can save or improve the lives of up to nine people.

Facebook's UK Director of Policy, Simon Milner, said:

"Small acts of kindness happen every day on Facebook but we hope that our partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant will use the power of friendship to save lives. More than 30 million people in the UK will be able to show on their Timeline that they are either on the organ donation register already, or can register with NHSBT on their Facebook page in a few simple steps."


Flesh and blood

fleshandblood is a campaign to encourage the church to see blood and organ donation as part of its giving. Its aim is to mobilise the church to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK. fleshandblood marks the first time NHSBT has worked with the Church on a national initiative to promote donation.

Founded as a partnership between creative agency Kore and NHS Blood and Transplant and sponsored by Give.net, the campaign aims to raise the profile of donation within the church, giving individuals and churches the tools needed to be advocates for donation, helping them engage with their family, friends and communities.

The campaign features many strands of activity from recruiting 800 donors at Greenbelt Christian Festival to wrapping Carlisle Cathedral in a giant red ribbon during National Transplant Week. A total of seven Archbishops have given their voice to the campaign including two Archbishops of Canterbury. For pictures and stories about all fab activity visit www.fleshandblood.org.

Fab's network of associates brings together denominations and organisations that play a vital role in the campaign and encourage a collaborative voice on blood and organ donation. Associates are:

London Borough of Newham

NHS Blood and Transplant have been working with Newham since 2010 to increase organ and blood donation rates among their staff and residents. We launched our formal partnership in 2011, making Newham the first council to agree such an initiative with NHSBT.

Newham have promoted organ donation to their staff and their residents by allowing NHSBT to attend fairs such as the Mayor's Show. They have also published features on blood and organ donation in their resident's magazine and external website.

Importantly, Newham have recruited volunteers to act as 'Donation Champions' to help spread the message of donation across the borough. The volunteers, who received special training on blood and organ donation, attend events and seek networking opportunities, promoting blood and organ donation to target hard-to-reach groups.

Newham has the most ethnically diverse population in the country. Where only 1.4% of those on the ODR are from Black or Asian communities, partnership working between NHSBT and Newham Council has yielded excellent results.

Over the last year in Newham Borough, we have seen the NHS ODR increase to 39,651 from 38,039, an increase of 1612 (4%) and active blood donors to 1,900 from 1,412, an increase of 488 (34%). Despite ethnicity not being recorded for all registrations, we estimate that in May 2012 BME groups accounted for 32% of all NHS ODR registrants in Newham, an increase of 7%.compared to July 2010.

Councillor Clive Furness, executive member for health said:

"This partnership is about raising awareness of the importance of blood and organ donation amongst our community."

"We have one of the most diverse communities in the UK, and we want our residents to step forward and help save the lives of others by becoming blood and organ donors."


Zeeshan Asghar, NHSBT, Councillor Clive Furness and Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham

Red Driving School

Red Driving School is one of the largest driving schools in the UK and the first driving school to formally work with NHS Blood and Transplant. The partnership with Red Driving School aims to raise awareness for blood donation within a key audience group of 17 - 24 year olds, of which around 66% of their 120,000 new learners annually are aged.

The partnership was launched during National Blood Week 2015, during which time they promoted blood donation on their website with a news article on the 'Missing Type' campaign, and with social media posts directing followers to the blood portal.

To create even more awareness of the campaign amongst both learner drivers and staff, Red Driving School conducted a photoshoot with driving instructors holding the letters A, O, and B plates. These plates were distributed to 300 driving instructors to display alongside the learner plate on their cars. An email was also sent to their database of 50,000 instructors and learners.

Red Driving School are committed to working with NHSBT on a long term basis during key calendar campaigns, continuously helping to amplify activity by thinking of new and exciting initiatives to encourage both learners and instructors to help save lives by registering to donate blood.

Student Beans

We chose to partner with Student Beans as they fit perfectly with our target audience for blood donation of 17-24 year olds. The Student Beans website is one of the most visited student website in the UK, visited by millions of students each month. It offers discounts on products and services as well as jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities.

The number of young people who are blood donors has fallen in recent years and it is hoped through partnerships such as this that more will register to give blood.

The partnership kicked off in August 2014 and will run until the end of October. NHS Blood and Transplant is featured on the Student Beans National Online Freshers web page with the campaign identity 'Feel the Love'. The page sits amongst offers from hundreds of other well known high street brands with a significant youth following.

To engage students further, the page hosts a video which features young people talking about the positive experience of donating blood, with a direct link through to blood.co.uk to enable visitors to register promptly.

Student Beans will also feature blood donation in an e-newsletter, circulated to 400,000 students nationwide and we hope to see more registrations as a result.

To watch the video and 'Feel the love' visit studentbeans.com/freshers/nhsbt


We've partnered with the UK's second-largest beauty and health retailer Superdrug to encourage their young workforce to become blood donors.

Blood donation is featured on the homepage of Superdrug's internal website "The Hub" where staff can read more about what's involved in becoming a blood donor - from the donation itself, to the do's and don'ts before and after, so they're fully prepared. The site also contains links to blood.co.uk so they can register and search for their nearest session.

A short video showing young people talking about what its like to donate blood also features and has proved very popular with staff.

One Superdrug colleague who received lifesaving transfusions said;

"My life was saved by the most amazing people who gave their blood about 10 years ago. Over the space of two weeks I received 12 pints of blood that was biked from Leeds to Blackpool. If it wasn't for these kind people, my organs would have shut down and my children would be without their mum. If you can donate, please do."


In June 2014 The National Federation of Women's Institutes launched a year long campaign entitled "Time to Talk". The campaign encourages members to think about organ donation, make a decision and then talk about it to someone close to them.

Each year, members of the W.I. vote on a resolution which becomes their campaign for a year. On 7 June 2014 a vote on increasing organ donation was passed at the annual meeting with a 98% majority.

The resolution was that,
"The NFWI notes that three people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant. We call on every member of the WI to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage their families and friends, and members of their local communities to do likewise" Standon and Coates Heath WI - Staffordshire Federation

In September 2014 the WI launched their "Big Conversation" craft project, bringing together the WI's strengths of campaigning and craft. Members have been challenged to create something using their crochet or baking skills to demonstrate how they have found 'Time to Talk' about organ donation.

To see the entries coming in and for more information on the campaign visit http://www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns/current-campaigns-and-initiatives/time-to-talk


We've partnered with the UK's leading youth volunteering charity, vInspired, to increase the number of 17-26 year olds registering as blood donors.

Giving blood is an easy way to make a difference to people in need, which is why together we've launched "One 4 All", a nationwide campaign as part of vInspired's Do Something programme.

The vInspired team have created a Facebook app which is easily shareable with family and friends. It contains information to help young people understand the need for blood donors and challenges them to think about those people close to them that could need blood one day. The One 4 All app also has a blood quiz and can be used to see how many of their Facebook friends might need donated blood. They can also calculate just how many lives they could save by signing up to donate and becoming a regular donor.

vInspired are calling on young people to change the world through small simple actions. Giving blood is one way of showing them how.

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