Council Statistics

To help raise awareness NHSBT works with partners to reach our target audiences through their staff, customers and public networks. NHSBT plan to work with local authorities to increase donation rates in their communities and have published blood and organ donation statistics for every council area to support local action plans.

Last year we worked successfully with Newham Council. Together, we helped increase Newham registrations to the Organ Donor Register by 332%. NHSBT would very much like to see other councils stepping forward to work with us, so that together, we can save and improve even more lives.

Email for more details on how councils can work in partnership with NHSBT.

Please click here to see NHSBT statistics by council area.

English Parliamentary Constituency Statistics

We believe that MPs can play a key role in helping to raise awareness of the importance of donation, and of the difference an act such as giving blood or joining the NHS Organ Donor Register can make in saving and improving lives.

We have therefore published statistics for the number of blood and organ donors by constituency area, to support local awareness raising activities. Please click here to see these statistics.

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